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How art is beneficial for your health

From Modigliani to Hockney, art has long been respected for its influence to culture.

But academics are now demanding that a creative’s craft can also be helpful to our physical and mental health.

Experts lately studied one hundred people during a two-hour visit to the monumental Basilica of Vicoforte in the northern Italian city of Cuneo – with astonishing results

The helpers – men and women of different ages and with varying IQ levels – climbed 200 ft to the apex of the building as part of their two-hour experience.

The newest results appeared to validate the long-held confidence that art can have an ameliorative effect

‘More than 90 per cent of the participants said they felt much better at the end of the experience.’

‘The idea of art as therapy is not new. But this is the first time that the beneficial effect of art on health has been measured.’