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Hosni Mubarik released after six years detention

CAIRO: Hosni Mubarak has been set free after Egyptian top court had ordered to release the former Egyptian President, who was dethroned in 2011 and had faced the court trial for his involvement in killings of protestors.
Hosni had left the Maadi Military Hospital in Cairo where he had been detained.
He had headed to his home in Heliopolis. The releasing of Hosni Mubarik was also told by his lawyer, Farid El Deeb. Hosni Mubarik was accused of killing 900 protestors in 18 days.
This massacre had caused to end his rule upon the suppression of foreign world.
Mubarik was detained and had to face the court trial against allegations of massacre.
He was sentenced to life in 2012, but an appeal against this sentence was being filed by him.
The court ordered retrial and after two years issued orders to release Mubarik by citing technical flaws in earlier prosecution.
Under the high security, Mubarik was being detained in a military hospital due to his illness. He was being detained after two months leaving the office.
Mubarik kept the charge of President Office since 1981 to 2011. He was accused of inciting the deaths of about 900 protesters in an 18-day Egyptian uprising which finally resulted in ending his rule on February 11, 2011.