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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders face off in Wyoming as New York Looms

On Saturday, the Democratic rivals, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in a U.S. presidential nominating contest in Wyoming, as the candidates geared up for a vital match-up in New York.

Bernie Sanders, a United States senator from Vermont, is fresh off a sequence of recent wins and he is looking to endure chipping away at Hillary Clinton’s sizeable lead in number of delegates required to secure the party’s nomination.

Only 14 Democratic delegates are up for the grabs in Wyoming – that are fewer than any other state – & even a strong win by Bernie Sanders there’d do little to help Sanders close the gap.

Hillary Clinton currently has over half the 2,383 delegates required to win the nomination. Bernie Sanders tracks her by 250 pledged delegates, those bestowed proportionate to popular vote in state nominating contests.

Hillary Clinton’s lead broadens when the super delegates, the Democratic leaders who can choose whom to back at party’s July convention, are involved in tallies.

Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders spent most of the past week in New York that conducts its contest on 19th April & where a sum of 291 delegates are up for takes.

Hillary Clinton considers New York her home turf. She had represented the state as U.S. senator & headquartered her campaign in New York City borough of Brooklyn.

Bernie Sanders reminded the voters that he was born & raised in Brooklyn. The recent polls revealed Hillary Clinton over 10 points ahead in state.

Strain between the 2 candidates splayed earlier this week in party race that typically concentrated on the policies & not the personal attacks.

After a back-and-forth about who was most competent to be a president, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dialled back their condemnation of one another on Friday.

“I think this has all been pretty silly,” told Hillary Clinton to the reporters at campaign stop in Buffalo, in upstate New York. “He made his comments & there was no basis for them. It was completely a misrepresentation, & he seemed to take them back today.’’