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High Profile accounts hacked in Turkish-Dutch protest

The diplomatic quarrel between Turkey and Netherlands got more fire due to the hacking of large number of tweeter accounts with no apparent connection to the dispute. 

The accounts were replaced with anti-Nazi messages in Turkish.

The attacks, which appeared to be simply a form of political vandalism and used the hashtags #Nazialmanya or #Nazihollanda, took over accounts of high-profile CEOs, publishers, government agencies and also some regular Twitter users.

Turkish President has suspended high-level diplomatic ties with the Netherlands and branded the country’s citizens “Nazi remnants” for preventing his ministers at the weekend from addressing rallies of Turks living there.

Tweets are featured with Nazi symbols, a variety of hashtags and the phrase “See you on April 16”, an apparent reference to the date of Turkey’s planned referendum to grant Erdogan more powers.

The Twitter accounts hijacked include those of the European Parliament and the personal profile of French politician Alain Juppe.

Other hacked accounts include publishing sites for Reuters Japan, Die Welt and Forbes and several non-profit agencies including Amnesty International and UNICEF USA as well as Duke University.