Heart attack striking more to younger and fatter people

A new study reveals that heart attack victims are becoming younger and fatter.

Cleveland Clinic researchers report that the usual age of people suffering the terminal heart attacks fell from 64 years old to 60 years old over the past two decades.

Lifestyle changes to reduce weight, eat right, exercise and quit smoking are critical for prevention of heart attack, said senior researcher Dr. Samir Kapadia, a professor of medicine and section head of interventional cardiology.

Dr. Samir also stated that functioning to these heart-healthy developments is a job for doctors at routine check-ups as well as patients.

The latest results are steady with other current data on heart attack patients, said Dr. Gregg Fonarow, a professor of cardiology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Substantially increased efforts are needed to improve heart health to further reduce the rates of cardiovascular events and premature cardiovascular deaths, he said.

The study authors were amazed to find that smoking had amplified from 28 percent to 46 percent of heart attack patients

Primary care physicians and cardiologists have to work harder to provide education and specific programs to help reduce risk factors in the community to reduce the burden of heart attack, Kapadia said.

Doctors can tutor patients and provide applied plans for a heart-healthy lifestyle, he said. And patients need to stick to their efforts, he added.

“Patients should take responsibility and place health as the highest priority to change their lifestyle in order to prevent heart attacks,” Kapadia said.