Health crisis in Kpk: Dengue cases soar to 800 in Peshawar

A total of 4,320 patients with dengue symptoms visited Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), Peshawar since July 2017. Of which, more than 700 people were diagnosed with dengue fever.

Moreover, 400 patients were admitted to the hospital during the same period while 200 patients are still under treatment.

According to officials in the district administration, the highest number of cases has been reported from Tehkal, Pishtakhara, Safed Dheri and adjoining areas. Earlier this week two deaths were reported by dengue in Thehkal area.

As the number of dengue patients in the city has reached 800 in almost a month, locals believe the district administration is busy in photo shoots and is not doing actual work to curb the virus. Residents of Tehkal area of Peshawar have decried the apathy of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government as no government representative has so far visited the dengue hit area despite announcement of emergency.


Peshawar residents protesting against administration for failure to control dengue

On August 8, residents of Tahkal area of Peshawar city took to the streets against district administration over its inability to take adequate measures to prevent the spread of dengue in the area.

As per details, the protesters blocked the University Road for a short period and shouted slogans against the district administration.

However, Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Saqib Raza Aslam said they are not only sterilized areas to kill the dengue mosquitoes but have also dispatched lady health workers who are going door-to-door to spread awareness about the virus.

Metro bus project is the main cause

According to reports, a local, Saifullah Mohib advocate, has submitted a petition in Peshawar High Court, saying the excavation done for the Metro Bus Project was serving as a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes with stagnant rainwater.

According to the petition, dengue has become an epidemic, mostly affecting people from a low-income background, residing in Tehkal, University Road and Warsak Road areas.

The petitioner has requested the court to direct the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to take measures like the Punjab government has and also arrange for free treatment of patients suffering from the virus.

Dengue fever was first reported in Punjab in 2011. That year, the virus claimed over 300 lives in the province alone. The Punjab government quickly launched a dengue awareness and fumigation program to combat the virus, which proved effective in bringing down the number of patients.

But unlike Punjab, which quickly realised that it was grappling with an epidemic and declared an emergency in the hospitals, the KP government has yet to take any serious notice in this regard.