Hassan Nawaz has more Properties Surface

Baaghi TV brings to you a top breaking story. Hassan Nawaz, son of former PM Nawaz Sharif, has more properties surfacing. One such mega property is what we expose today.

The property price is written over approximately £1 million. This means that no specific figures have been brought to light. There could be three reasons behind this:

  1. The property was gifted to Hassan Nawaz in 2016;
  2. The name of a joint owner has been removed;
  3. It was most probably owned by Maryam Nawaz who gifted the property to her son in 2016.

If his conscience is clear then there should be no need to keep his assets hidden. If he owns the property like the documents state, Hassan Nawaz should declare it without delay.

The Sharif’s have taken advantage for far too long already; it is time we take back the control from those who think they are of divine importance.

People are usually dealt with severely for committing treason so, why are we unable to do something and stick to it when it comes to the notorious Sharif clan? While they are not traitors in the literal sense of the word, indulging in activity that goes against the economic progress of Pakistan should be considered equivalent to being a traitor.

Perhaps it should be a part of the ‘Naya Pakistan’ dialogue that every citizen on an individual as well as communal level steps up to the batting plate and strikes these criminals out.

Let us not forget that Pakistan was not fought for by courageous leaders and the Muslims only so that it could nurture culprits such as Nawaz Sharif and his children by turning a blind eye towards their dirty deeds.


[Baaghi Investigation Report]


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