Haqani network neither friend nor surrogate of Pakistan, says Aizaz Ahmed

WASHINGTON: The Ambassador of Pakistan to United States of America (USA), Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhary stated that the Haqani network was neither friend nor surrogate of Pakistan.
Talking to the foreign media, Aizaz had accused that the delays from India on the dialogues had encouraged terrorism in the region.
“We don’t want it (Haqani network) to act against the US or Afghanistan,” said Aizaz.
Upon a question regarding the detention of Hafiz Saeed, he said that Pakistan does not want that any of its citizens, gave a bad impact overseas.
“Our message is very clear. We want a diplomatic friendly relationship with India based on mutual respect,” he added.
Earlier on March 9, Ted Poe, a congressman of US, had presented a harsh worded bill in the US Congress to declare Pakistan a “state sponsor for terrorism.” Ted is well known for his hatred against Pakistan.
Ted is the chairperson of the House Subcommittee on terrorism. He had showed more hatred against Pakistan saying: “Not only is Pakistan an unreliable ally, but Islamabad has also aided the anti-state actors of United States for years.”
Ted also added that Pakistan was involved in building relationships among Haqani group and Osama Bin Laden. He accused Pakistan for being anti-state activist for United States. He also demanded to stop the aids to Pakistan, which was given by US against terrorism. Ted gave all such negative remarks against Pakistan while presenting the bill called ‘the Pakistan state sponsor of Terrorism Act of 2015.’
Further proceedings on the bill required the report from US President to gave a detailed report that whether Pakistan had provided support against terrorism or not. After thirty days a follow-up report would be provided by the secretary state to declare, whether Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism or against terrorism.