Happy Bureaucrats Upon the arrest of Fawad Hassan Fawad, Reasons Explained

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, Orwell

Upon the arrest of Fawad Hassan Fawad, a close friend of mine who is also a journalist asked me this question,“ Why every bureaucrat is happy upon his arrest?”

This was my response to him :
“ Good question. I think there are two reasons for this. First, he was the most powerful bureaucrat in the recent history of Pakistan, but he used his powers to destroy the careers and lives of his colleagues, giving them and their families mental torture. Some of them became hypertensive and diabetics while some went into depression, loosing all hope in the system. Those he destroyed he labeled them as corrupt and inefficient and for this, he used every means, like generating fake source reports, tampering with the files and record, and loud mouthing against his colleagues in high-level meetings.His method was selective. He ruthlessly destroyed others to clear his way towards becoming the top bureaucrat in Pakistan and to prove that he was the most competent and honest civil servant and; while in this process, he was accumulating massive wealth.

Secondly, he had become the most known and discussed bureaucrat of this country. The public viewed bureaucracy through his deeds and misdeeds. But as he was mostly condemned in the media, the public generalized the Civil Service from the point of view of his reputation. This was terribly disturbing for all of us, both retired and serving. His arrest vindicated the civil service.

When this news came, I was sitting with a very honest and capable officer who had been his victim. He was staring with disbelief and a gaping mouth at the TV screen. His first comment after a long pause and with watery eyes was “ iss ka matlab hai keh abhi duniya mein kuch insaaf reh gia hai” (There is still some justice left in this world.).