Happy Birthday Mubasher Lucman

One of the bravest names in the history of Pakistan also includes the name of Mubasher Lucman. Mubasher Lucman is a big name in the investigative journalism in Pakistan and is internationally admired.

Mubasher Lucman was born on January 11, 1963 and that child would definitely never know that he is going to be loved this much by the nation he is born in.

Today is the birthday of Mubasher Lucman and Baaghi TV pays tribute to his efforts for Pakistan. He is the only name who raises the flag of truth bravely and without any personal benefit. He says everything on the basis of documentations and do not just blame one, but also provides all  evidences of the allegations he surface.

Mubasher Lucman was seen as a show stopper also on ramp in a fashion week
Mubasher Lucman was seen as a show stopper also on ramp in a fashion week

He revealed countless cases of corruption and lies and he was so tried many times by court however, he attended the hearings and accomplished all the basics legally required. His opponents tried to create many propaganda against him but he stood firmly holding his faith and ideology tightly.

Mubasher Lucman talks bluntly against the wrong and stay on his opinion bravely.

A very important point to be noted for his efforts is that he highlighted the criminal side of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) at the time when nobody dared to speak against them. It shows that he is scared of nothing.

Mubasher Lucman is the host of a famous show Khara Such which was scene at various channels as he has to face many problems over being so blunt in speaking truth. In a society, where peopel criticize a man for bring at right, Mubasher Lucman stayed on the aim of spreading truth and showing people the side, which corrupt leaders hide from them.

Anchor turns singer for a cause #SKMHTcharity
Anchor turns singer for a cause #SKMHTcharity

The media is a strong influence now and so it can be said that media plays a role of being “Opinion Leader”. Many people inject even their wrong opinions and talk about false allegations however, Mubasher Lucman never did so. He always talked about the truth on the basis of evidences.

Mubasher Lucman’s fans are also seen wishing their inspiration a very happy birthday with the trend #HappyBirthdayMubasherLucman.


Baaghi TV wishes Mubasher Lucman a very happy birthday!