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Happening around us

We wake up every day with the same routine set in our minds, the same tasks we are going do today like every other day. How many times we see something on the news or something that’s happening around us that we want to talk about or give our opinion about but we are so sucked in our daily routine that either we don’t bother thinking about them or we just overlook them like nothing is there.

Look around us, where the world is today, where the world is going to be in the next 20-25 years. Have you ever stopped to wonder what my input in all of this is? Do I have a part to play in this fast moving world? Or am I going to live out my life like a normal human being and leave nothing behind?

It’s not like someone hasn’t asked you this question before or someone made you realize there is a lot going on around us. Usually when someone does all of this we are moved for a very short period of time and then our mind tells us “Aaah it’s too late you can’t climb a mountain now”

Well you see your mind is exactly correct you probably can’t climb a mountain but there are tons of other things you still can do, you just don’t let you mind finish that thought. This is why I am writing this blog so that readers can talk about their opinions and experiences and so we may learn from one another and at least put ourselves out there and discuss recent events and put a thought into it… Together.