PML-N Leader, Hanif Abbasi, Sentenced for Life in Ephedrine Quota Case

Another one off to Adiyala

Hanif Abbasi joins the league of convicted PML-N leadership; Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, in Adiyala. He has been sentenced for life in the ephedrine quota case by an anti-narcotics court in Rawalpindi today.

We are just three days away from the General Elections 2018, and PML-N; the ex-ruling party, seems to be in deep dark waters. For a quick review, PML-N’s president, Shahbaz Sharif is suspected in Model Town case in which more than 18 people were murdered and many are still missing, Ishaq Dar in money laundering case, Shahid Khaqan Abbassi in LNG & Khawaja Saad in housing scams, Talal Chaudry in contempt of court case. This is not the timing of the verdict which should be questioned but the severity of crimes by PML-N’s central leadership. All these people mentioned here were part of the kitchen cabinet of the convicted Nawaz Sharif who is also serving his term in Adiyala along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz, on account of forgery and assets beyond means, in Avenfield reference case.

Abbasi’s legal team was asked by the judge to finish his arguments today to expedite the judicial process. It was made clear by the honorable judge that the court was in no mood to delay the case further owing to the severity of the suspected crime.

Prior to this, Supreme Court (SC) had turned down Abbasi’s request against Lahore High Court (LHC) order to extend the deadline for his case, as he was contesting polls from NA-60 in the upcoming GE2018.  Abbasi’s legal counselor, Kamran Murtaza, told that LHC had reported decision on a simple request and that his client has never requested a postponement for the situation either. LHC had requested to finish the hearing no later than  21 July 2018.

Hanif Abbasi, who is partaking in the up and coming general elections (GE2018) from NA-60 opposite to Sheikh Rasheed, has been convicted of abusing 500kg of the quota of ephedrine which he got for his organization, Gray Pharmaceutical, in 2010, and pitched it to the drug runners.

Initially, the decision was saved by the Honourable Judge, Akram, and delivered the decision a few moments ago. But during the delay time, the judge told that he would articulate the judgment within the following three to four hours, and won’t mind staying up if it takes that long.  And he did. Previous MNA, Hanif Abbasi, and 10 others are denounced in the ephedrine drug case.

In June 2012, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) had filed a case against Abbasi and his accomplices under multiple stipulations of the Control of Narcotics Substances (CNS) Act. The ANF claimed that the dangerous drug, ephedrine, was sold by Abbasi to drug smugglers who used it to make ‘party drugs’ such as ecstasy. Abbasi and the others accused in the drug dealing case, including his brother, were arraigned in 2014 by the CNS Court.

Watch the following video of his arrest in which he looks calm and composed after being sentenced for life:

Important to note here that Ecstasy pill-a highly sought after drug of the purported elites of Pakistan, contains the high amount of ephedrine as its seminal component. According to the verdict, Abbasi was also maintaining active contacts with drug pedlars for selling ephedrine. In a few countries, drug-dealing is punishable by death, and rightly so. The impact of substance abuse and addiction destroys not one individual who takes it but ruins the entire family unit and that person’s social circle as well.

For PML-N and its cronies, the timing of the verdict is an issue, however, the gravity of crime (which has been downplayed by certain media pundits) is the real issue. Candidates must come clean to participate in polls.