Hand-written & From the Heart: Speech Notes of the Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister, Imran Khan, delivered one of the best and finest speeches of the world yesterday. It was not delivered to make an “impression” but a genuine effort by a man who exudes nothing but greatness and humility simultaneously. It was not run-of-the-mill, out of the many and superfluous speeches scantily grabbed in another language.

From socio-economic to domestic policies, he touched upon everything in great details. These were the words of a leader who is not up to any political vendetta but to reform Pakistan from the scratch, from within, and beyond imagination.

The crux of Khan’s 75-minute long speech on national television emitted his enduring passion to restore the lost glory of Pakistan and to touch new heights of greatness in near future. His aim is to commit to the vision of Quaid—a welfare state. A state where everyone is given due rights and state protection and is also held accountable for the wrongs committed—a state where no one is above the law.

It was the discourse of a leader, of a teacher, of a man who shall never give up for Pakistan, who shall never compromise on the integrity of Pakistan.

There were no “ifs” and “buts”, no mincing of words. Just pure and simple commitment with the people of Pakistan by the leader of Pakistan.