Hamza Shahbaz’s Encroachment in K-Block, Johar Town, Lahore

Sadly, goes unnoticed !

Hamza Shahbaz, son of Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, has been using a Member of National Assembly (MNA) house in Judicial Colony, Lahore, with blatant encroachments.

Alleged encroachment view of Hamza Sharif’s house

The above picture features the view of the back wall of his house where he has blocked the street by constructing a wall on the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) road and put his heavy generators and security room on the road. There are fifteen houses in this K-Block Johar Town area, who had access through this street but now they cannot use this street any longer because the security staff of Hamza has raised a wall and completely blocked the street for other residents. Pertinent to remember here that, like his father, he also claims to be the supreme servant of Punjab-Khadim-e-Alaa.

If a court commission is sent to visit the above-mentioned spot (K-Block Johar Town) then all situation will be unclouded in no time.