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Hackers leak emails of Putin’s top aide


Kremlin: Ukrainian hackers have claimed that they leaked the emails of top Vladimir Putin’s aide.

Cyber Junta group of Ukrainian hackers released a number of documents which show messages from Vladislav Surkov, top aide of Putin, communicating with rebels in eastern Ukraine.

The leaks from Vladislav Surkov, described by the hacking group as from an ‘enemy of Ukraine’ and banned by the US, includes messages showing close contact between his office and the pro-Russian separatists who lauded the Donetsk People’s Republic in 2014.

Moreover, Kremlin officials have denied patronizing the rebels but advocated for them in peace negotiations with the government of Ukraine and Western countries.

The leaks strike the window when US intelligence officials accused the Russian government of hacking emails of Democratic National Committee in July via Wiki-leaks.

American Vice President (VP) Joe Biden had claimed in early October that the US would send a message to the Russians authorities after the hack of emails.

It is pertinent to mention here that a senior US government official said that his country has no role in the Surkov hack.