Greater Israel Plan on the Go, Hanan Ashrawi

According to Palestinian officials, Israel has ended the two state solution by decision to build thousands of new homes in occupied west bank.

The Most dangerous warning comes as the defense Minister of Israel confirmed that they would seek final approval for 2500 homes in the shape of 30 settlements and possibly be approved in the next meeting of planning committee.

The announcements is provocated in nature for Palestinians having already filled by anger on the opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem resulting the protest and further the 60 deaths in Gaza.

2500 housed the illegal by the international Law, will be built across the occupied west bank, with construction work due to begin immediately after approval is granted , the new houses will include the new dwellings in Ariel in the north of in the north of Jerusalem.
Hanan Ashrawi member of PLO said the plan shows “the real nature of Israeli colonialism, expansion and lawlessness.”

She further said “Undoubtedly, Israel is deliberately working to enhance its extremist Jewish settler population and to superimpose greater Israel on all of the historic Palestine.”

In an appeal to international criminal court earlier this week, the foreign ministry of Palestine branded settlements “Single most dangerous threat to Palestinian lives and livelihood.”

Ashrawi called for the legal body to “ open an immediate criminal investigation into Israeli flagrant violations of International law.”

Many Palestinians regard the announcements as being directly linked to recent opening of US embassy and the killing in Gaza.

Khalil the director of survey department told the News that houses are designed to meet the demand from Israel to “Create a single state between Mediterranean and Jordan river”