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Government should be given on contract basis, remarks SC

Karachi: The Supreme Court on Monday said, if entire work is being carried out on contract basis then federal and provincial governments should also be given on contracts.

The bench of the apex court was hearing the suo motu case about Manchar lake contamination. The court was irked over delay to take preventive measures to clean the lake.

Justice Qazi Faiz Esa said, the lake is being destroyed due to contamination but both federal and provincial governments are reluctant to take effective measures, adding, “both even didn’t decide whose responsibility is it?”

The court stated the behaviour, the worst example of noncooperation between both federal and provincial governments. It also issued warning to solve the issue within a month otherwise Prime Minister and CM Sindh will be summoned by the court.

During today’s proceeding, WAPDA told the court that Sindh government is reluctant to pay funds to carry out the RBOD project. While Federal Secretary of Finance also told the court that Sindh government is also a partner in the project.