Government has zero credibility: Imran Khan

On Saturday, Imran khan tweeted that what Ishaq Dar has said about the amnesty scheme when in opposition and what he has done now proves that government has no credibility.

Opposition leader Finance Minister Ishaq Dar gave a statement that the bill would promote tax evasion and this would further hit the already dwindling tax to GDP ratio.

He also said that the FBR has indicated to take action after identifying 2.9 million rich people.

He claimed through adopting a normal procedure of bringing these people into tax net, FBR could collect at least Rs. 1500 billion instead of mere Rs. 108 billion by charging just Rs. 40,000 from 0.2 million persons.

Recently, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said the government has no plans to privatize Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and is only seeking a strategic partner for the national flag carrier.

Dar claimed there had been a visible improvement in the airline’s operations as a result of the government’s efforts, pointing out that the number of operational aircraft at PIA has increased from 18 to 38 a figure which, he said, would rise to 40 by the end of December 2015.

He said efforts will be made to invite credible and reputed international strategic partners to invest to the extent of 26 per cent in the core business of PIA, adding that no lay-offs will be made in the organization.

Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC) was converted from a statutory corporation into a company governed by the Companies Ordinance, 1984, by means of a presidential ordinance No XVII dated Dec 4, 2015. The new entity is called Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL), PIA Chairman Nasser N. S. Jaffer confirmed on Dec 6.

Though the PIA management and the government insist that the conditions for its employees would remain unchanged, the workers’ unions and the opposition parties have criticized the move.

Management claims that the airline employees in every grade and category would stand transferred to the company, PIA Company Limited, with the same designation and on the same terms and conditions as they held in PIA Corporation.

The Presidential Ordinance recently issued by the government was aimed at freeing PIA management from government control, enabling it to make decisions independently, the finance minister said.

The announcement comes amidst a series of strikes by PIA employees against the proposed privatization of the national flag carrier.