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Government has failed in foreign affairs: Parliamentarians

ISLAMABAD (Online): The members of National Assembly have severely criticized the foreign policy of incumbent government of PML-N saying that despite passing three years of period it could not appoint a formal foreign minister.

While expressing the cut motion of Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday during the session Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Chief of Awami Muslim League said that it is first time in the history that Pakistan could not explain its foreign policy from Budhbir to Angola adding that those who give us dollar we support him.

“Sirtaj Aziz is the expert of world food programme, his services should be provided to such department and questioned that what is the output of our seven decades old foreign policy?. The pace of work on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is slow”, he added.

Citing the comments of American newspapers, Sheikh Rashid further said that limited nuclear war could be erupted between India and Pakistan before the operational of Gawadar Seaport. He said that land of Gawadar seaport has been given to China for 43 years on lease that is why America along with Iran and other countries is conducting naval exercises and suggested that Pakistan and China should also conduct joint naval exercises in Gawadar. He demanded that foreign aid of NGOs should be blocked.

Naveed Qamar MNA said that nexus of India, Iran and Afghanistan is serious threat for Pakistan adding that boarder situation could be controlled if we have friendly relations with our neighboring countries. Pakistan should not adopt the policy of pick and choose in Afghanistan and opinion of Afghan people be regarded.

PTI’s parliamentarian Shireen Mizari said that foreign policy of Pakistan has no footage as presence of foreign minister is necessary for one-to-one meeting with other countries. If China has opposed India then it is its principle stance.

“Army Chief General Raheel Sharif during his visit to Germany called on German counterpart and also called on foreign minister”, She added and maintained that how the relations with India can be improved as it is continuously firing on boarder.

Salah-ud-Din Sheikh, parliamentarian of MQM said that Indian Premier Narandra Modi remains angry despite friendship with PM Nawaz Shairf adding that the condition on Afghan boarder is worsen there is need to focus on it.

“The economic condition of the country could not be improved without strengthening the foreign affairs”, he added.

Aysha Syed, parliamentarian of Jamiat-e-Islami said that independent foreign policy cannot be formulated until Pakistan is economically independent adding that we talk about peace but India is allegedly involve in terror incidents in Balochistan and Karachi.

Jamshed Dasti said that the slot of foreign minister could not be fulfilled as government could not take the America into confidence adding that Sirtaj Aziz is eligible for this post and he should resign from his post. He suggested that foreign minister should be such kind who could face the America boldly.

Imran Khattak said that situation on Afghan boarder is uncertain as it did not happen so during the last more than six decades adding that operation Zarb-e-Azb cannot be completed without protecting the Daverind line.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that there is dire need to strengthened the Ministry of foreign affairs for the monitoring of Afghan affairs and others.

Shazia Marai said that there is necessary to fulfill the slot of foreign minister and questioned that why ministry has issued statement regarding death of Abdul Sattar Edhi adding that we should hold talks with neighboring countries on equal basis. The house should formulate the foreign policy that could reflect the aspirations of the people.