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Google search: Modi’s photos in top ten criminals of the world

Modi’s images have topped the list of Google image search when the keywords of top ten criminals are entered.

Many Indians who support Prime Minister Modi have got disturbed after knowing the fact that his images are on top in Google search of top ten criminals.

The other images in top ten criminals include Osama bin laden, Bill Gates, Alcapone, Arwind Kerjiwal, Dawood Ibrahim.

Many Indians would think that Google has actually ranked Modi on top of the list unknowingly the methodology of Google search.

On the other hand, Google after the created misunderstanding of this, has issued an apology clarifying that it has nothing to do with Google if the images of PM Modi are being shown as the result of a keyword search.

They have also explained that the Google images are shown because of some websites that have linked Modi’s photos with criminal words and that is why it comes on top.

The top image was due to the reference made to his photograph by The Telegraph of UK and some other newspapers and web news portals. They ensured in the statement that Google is at its best to maintain the search engines and results as smooth as it can.

Where the Modi’s images shown in the world’s top ten criminals have put some people in surprise, it has amused many Muslims of India belonging to the Gujrat region.

While Modi was Chief Minister of Gujrat, riots against Muslims lead to about 2000 sacrifices of Muslims that were brutally butchered, killed and their businesses were diminished in 2002.

On the face of it, this massacre was a response to a Hindu killing in a train at Godhra although that was by a few unknown people never been proved as Muslims.

Modi being the head of province, could not maintain law and order situations and many people would call him criminal for not taking care of minorities in his region and never ever giving his stance on what wrong had happened during his reign.

To many’s surprise, Modi was also one in front line when the Babri Masjid incident took place and was demolished by the extremist Hindus.