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Google introduces new tools ‘Goals’ in its calendar to turn its users into better ones

As always, Google has once again tried to create ease for its users by introducing new tools in the calendar to make the people more punctual and so that the user could not miss or forget any important event.

‘Goal’ uses artificial intelligence in order to assist people in scheduling the tasks in time to fulfill their ambition including learning the new languages and undergoing exercise.

The feature is such an amazing one that it finds time when they might be free schedules time for them that they may not undergo otherwise due to shortage of time.

When a user wishes to add something into their daily schedule, they select a particular activity like ‘work out more’ and are also then inquired a series of questions.

These may include how frequently that needs to happen and how long should it last. When all of those questions are answered, ‘Goal’ will look over the schedule and set a specific time.

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