Google and the World of Today

A Look Into the "Technical" Future

Google as we know it today has taken over almost everything in our daily lives. Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets & even cars are taken over by Google derived apps. A device being used by Google as a major contributor to the system software is not a big deal; in fact, it does have its benefits for the public at large. However, if we just look at the pro’s & forget the cons of this situation. It is as if for a pigeon to close its eyes on seeing a cat and thinking the cat will run away, while in fact it will attack the pigeon and eat it.

The main Google logo including other Google logos: Gmail, Google Chrome, Google assistant, Google docs, Google maps, YouTube, et cetera.

There are different benefits to having Google in our daily lives and we should acknowledge it. To start with, the first & foremost benefit I have seen about Google is that a user can synchronize all his/her devices with his/her single Gmail account. With this action, a person can keep himself updated with whatever device a person is using, with all the necessary data backed up and stored on the email address. Google is a blessing as well as a curse.

Google Apps: Google docs, Google photos, Google maps, et cetera.

I believe we are going with Google in the same direction as that of Sky Net from The Terminator movie [remember Arnold Schwarzenegger]. Google will slowly evolve into an Artificial intelligence of its own and take control of most of the computer systems used around the world. Nowadays almost all new cars are to some extent computerized, and when I say computerized I mean that they are to the extent that certain cars can be remotely accessed and even driven certain distances in the absence of a driver.

The Terminator 5 movie poster.

Airplanes and computers can now be remotely hacked into or accessed and used in any way a person chooses. Drones are used today all with the help of a computer. All of this and more can be done with the help of Google. How? Nowadays everything is also available on Google as to how a person can build certain things from either scrap or from simple household or readily available parts in the market.

In the movie The Terminator and its subsequent sequels and prequels, the movie tries to show the effect of how Sky Net, a computer software system evolves into an artificial intelligent system which takes over all of the military computer systems and hence causes a nuclear holocaust. Even though the relations between certain nuclear powers are much better than they were 50 years ago, but the aspect of the enemy having a nuclear bomb and which can be activated remotely is scary. Coming back to Google, there is too much information and the risk of intelligence artificially evolving is great.

Sky net introduced in the last instalment of the Terminator movie.
A sample of Google Assistant and the services it offers.

I believe I see a pattern that when too many Hollywood or any movies, in general, show a certain aspect of life which we don’t see every day or that has not happened yet, can come true. I say this because it has happened. For example, a particular Hollywood movie The Net from 1995 shows online ID theft. Now in those days online ID theft was unheard of and it did not actually happen either, but now it is fairly common today and many people suffer because of this. However, certain aspects of my points are hypothetical and I might be wrong. Let us all hope for the best for the future.