Good news for foodies, new item introduces in Lahore


Hey, food lovers! there is a new item introduced in Lahore which you might love to taste. The newly launched product is “Ostrich meat,” with healthy, delicious flavor of beef.

No, it’s not a rumour, but a true report as Punjab Secretary for Livestock Naseem Sadiq himself, officially, inaugurated Ostrich meat shop at Township, Lahore.

“Lahoris” who are well known for their love for food, seem to welcome the meat in their menus. But, this is not just a love for food, ostrich meat is very healthy product which is high in protein and iron, having low fats and calories.

Diet conscious people can also have it without any fear of weight gain or getting bulky as it has even lesser amount of calories and fats than chicken.

However, the meat is much expensive with price of Rs.1500 per Kg, almost double than mutton; secretary live stock has said that the price will be reduced after six months.




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