Go Nawaz Go: A Shoutout from the “Jalsa” of Awais Lughari-A PMLN Leader

Lughari brothers' anti-PMLN campaign

When you have the workers who warm up the stage with the slogans of your departure, you have very little hope left for your political future.

Awais Lughari who is contesting against Zartag Gul of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, and Dost Mohammad Khosa (a free candidate), from NA-191, faced an immense embarrassing moment when his own party workers, voters, and supporters of PML-N started shouting on stage: Go Nawaz Go.

“Our kin have a privilege to convey what needs be. We are equitable individuals and regard them as our siblings and urge them to voice their assessments,” he said. But in the following video, their assessments are opposite to their political and tribal interests.

Last month, a video circulated around the web showed a gathering of Lughari voters, hailing from inner region, Rounghin Tuman, humiliating Jamal Leghari; the son of the previous president of Pakistan (late) Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari, with pointed questions.

“Where have you been lost for so long and why have you come now,” one of them inquired.

Mr. Leghari answered he was in the area to pay sympathies. “There have been numerous passings over the recent five years, where were you at that point?”, asked local people. “Have you, at any point, asked why your constituents are so disturbed and in debilitating condition?”

A noticeably shaken Lughari attempted to pacify them by advising them that it was he who gave them advancement ventures including a 45km street. For a minute, he additionally lost his cool saying, “you are embarrassing me only for one parchi (vote)”. However, he then requested to sit with other political seniors of that areas to have a discourse on their concerns.

In answer to a message by this reporter, Awais Leghari said a gathering of 10 to 15 young boys communicated their grievances which is a typical practice in every one of the electorates. Lamentably, he stated, the occurrence had been made a huge deal about.

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Lugharis with the convicted Sharifs

The Legharis of the PML-N driven by the Sardar Jamal Leghari and his younger brother, Awais Leghari, are additionally campaigning for the PML-N President, Shahbaz Sharif, who is contesting from NA-192.

It is trusted that developing mindfulness and access to digital life have, to some degree, encouraged individuals, particularly the young lot, who need to have their say on political issues. This growing awareness among public might be a downside for the Sardars (tribal leaders) and other political figures, but it makes all the way more important for the political figures to be watchful while acting out in the open and asking for votes.