Girl faces fine for spraying pepper on sex attacker

A 17-year-old girl could be fined as she used pepper spray to on a sex attacker to defend herself.

The girl told that the man forced her to the ground and tried to assault her on a street in the centre of Sonderborg on 20th January’s night. She managed to spray against the reported attacker before he could run.

However, the victim could be handed over a fine over using pepper spray as it is illegal to carry pepper spray in Denmark under the country’s arms law.

Police spokesman Helle Lundberg reported that the incident was being interrogated as a case of attempted rape and the police were trying to locate the attacker also.

She told The Independent, “According to Danish law, it is illegal to be in possession of pepper spray and it falls under the same category as being in possession of knives and firearms.”

Helle Lundberg said that she was not sure whether the fine would be imposed or not. and only the court can decide to drop it if it proved that the girl had acted only in self-defence.

Lundberg added: The fine could be anywhere between one and 5,000 Danish krones.

The sexual assaults in Western countries are becoming very frequent, however, the law and order is unable to control the situation.