Gilgit’s Kabir Khan satisfies his thirst of flying

GILGIT: Gilgit’s Kabir Khan always had a dream to fly and touch the sky, however, the dream could not be fulfilled. Therefore, he decided to use his passion to invent something that can at least satisfy his thirst of flying.

For the reason, Kabir Khan alone made almost 10 different kinds of aircraft using simple material including plywood and aluminum frames.

According to Kabir Khan, “This is a passion and a way to satisfy my thirst for flying.”

Gilgit's Kabir Khan satisfies his thirst of flying


While giving interview to The Express Tribune, he said, “It was my desire to make aircraft but it wasn’t an easy task given that it required time, money and material besides some human resource.”

Khan is not having any professional degree however, he serves as a computer operator in a government office.

He added while explaining the process of completing one project: I design the aircraft by downloading images from the internet. I use raw material wherever possible to give it shape.

He also told that a single project takes almost four to six months for its accomplishment.

The first plane he made was Cessna 182 and it took him at least five months to build and cost almost Rs 25,000 and unluckily, it crashed the same day while it was landing.

Gilgit's Kabir Khan satisfies his thirst of flying

However, in fulfilling his passion, he continued to struggle and started making another plane that was even better; a Falcon 25. But it also faced the same crash after flying for almost five minutes.

The failures even did not discourage him and he continued to build better. The he made a Wing Dragon that finally turned out to be his success.

In Kabir’s words: It flew for more than five minutes and as high as 1,000 feet and the plane wings measured a combined 48 inches.

Presently, Kabir has almost seven planes that include two jet planes (Raptor F22) also one of seven feet and the other of three feet.

The Quadcopter is also included in his collection of airplanes in his room. He told that “The expenditure incurred on it was more or less Rs25,000,” of the Quadcopter that is likea drone camera used by media outlets these days.

He said that he saves Rs 5000 from his salary to build the crafts, “I save up to Rs5,000 from my salary every month and when I have enough at my disposal, I start work.”

He also wished to make a single-seat plan for himself. However, the elder brother of Kabir, Nadeem said that taking permission from their mother is the biggest hurdle for them, “Our mother fears for his life and that is perhaps the biggest reason my brother has yet to embark on that adventure.”

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