Gigi Hadid Wear’s a butterfly Wedding Dress in Milan’s Fashion Week

Milan's Fashion Week 2018

Milan’s Fashion week has shown some impressive designs but one of the most memorable and significant dresses would be the wedding gown worn by Gigi Hadid.

Though she has always looked glamorous while she is walking the ramp with dresses made by multiple designers, this wedding gown has set a new statement. It was designed by ‘Jeremy Scott’ that stood out from all the other dresses without a doubt.

The reason why it was so special was that it had a very unique and extravagant veil that was decorated by butterflies floating above it due to which wearing a black body Models suit carried it across the ramp.

The dress was so magical that her sister; Bella Hadid posted pictures of Gigi backstage as she got emotional looking at her sister in a surreal wedding dress.