Supermodel Gigi Hadid Answers 73 Questions With Vogue

Gigi Hadid is on the cover of Vogue’s new issue with her bae, Zayn Malik and she also recently became a part of the 73 Questions Series with Vogue.

The young supermodel confessed she was “so excited” to film her own episode, “because I’ve asked to do this like 100 times and now I’m finally doing it.”

The video that was released on Thursday focuses on a range of questions about her life such as her opinion on New York VS. L.A before moving onto her modelling career.

Gigi also shared that she beats jet lag easily because she’s really good at sleeping on planes.

Her quick conversations with Google Assistant revealed how ”easy” her travel schedule is with stops in Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, St. Tropez, Nauru, Antarctica and Des Moines.

She shared her most cherished childhood memories, such as “being with my horses all day—like, morning to night” and the nicest advices she has received from her parents, Mohamed Hadid (father) and Yolanda Hadid (mother).

She also answered some fashion-related queries regarding Rihanna, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen and her sunglasses collection.

When asked which one of Zayn’s tattoos she likes the best, Gigi said, “I feel like I have a new, kind of infatuation, with a different one every week. I really like the details on them.”

She was then asked to reveal the most romantic thing Zayn has ever done and she said, “A couple years ago on Valentine’s Day we went on a boat trip and it was really nice.”

Zayn loves to cook pies and Gigi said, “I am so grateful for that.” She said her favorite one is the chicken and sweetcorn one. “It’s like a hug,” she said.

See the complete episode below:

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