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Ghulam Ali event cancelled again in New Delhi

NEW DELHI – The album launch event of the renowned Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali has been postponed after threats were received from the Hindu extremist organization Shiv Sena.

A ceremony was to be held at Royal Plaza where the music album of the Indian movie ‘Ghar Wapsi’ was to be launched. However, the event was canceled after threats were received from the Hindu extremist organization Shiv Sena.

Film director Sohaib Ilyas stated that the event was canceled by the overhanging threats of any activity from the extremist organization despite the deployment of police.

A music ceremony of Ghulam Ali was canceled on January 19 by similar threats from Shiv Sena.

Ghulam Ali performed in Kolkata over Mamata Banerjee invitation

Even with a large police force guarding the venue, a bunch of protesters came forward to threaten the management of the hotel, chanting slogans like “Ghulam Ali muradabad” and disrupted the event.

When Amar Singh reached the venue, he was stopped outside the gates of the hotel. Asked to comment on the cancellation of the event, Singh told reporters that nobody can stop Ghulam Ali from doing his work and from showcasing his talent.

“You cannot bind Ghulam Ali in borders and religion… How can anyone stop Ghulam Ali’s art? We detest this whole episode and the treatment; it is extremely disappointing,” he said. He added that Ghulam Ali’s music is evergreen, and it is something that will keep him alive for generations to come.

When the hotel’s management was questioned about why the press conference and music launch event was canceled, a representative toldIANS, “We are just doing our job.”

This latest cancellation of the film’s music launch follows the January 29 cancellation of the event in Mumbai after reported threats.