Ghani Refused To Take Abbasi’s Call

In between the lines, Afghan President once again hit Pakistan for providing sanctuaries to terrorists. In an effort to express his slavish love for Modi and US, Afghan President said on mirco-blogging website “Twitter”  that it was absolutely inevitable to end the terrorist sanctuaries in our neighborhood.  Ghani quoted Pakistan as the safe-haven of terrorists. On the contrary, Afghanistan himself is controlled by Taliban and ISIS. It’s not the first time Kabul behaved this way.

According to sources, the most wanted terrorist from Pakistan “TTP” chief is also present in Afghanistan. Sources say that Afghan Intelligence and RAW operators are in touch with the TTP high- command.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister made a call through Foreign Office to Afghan President but sources say Ghani refused to take the call. Afghan-owned newspaper “ToloNews” claimed that Ghani refused to take the call but, on a later stage, Afghan Ambassador in Pakistan refuted the claim of the Newspaper.

Afghan Govt. sent its high-level delegation to Islamabad after the recent terrorists attack. The delegation also comprised of DG NGS (The Afghan Intel Chief).

The Afghan daily said President Ghani had sent a delegation “to handover evidence related to recent attacks in Kabul” to be shared with Pakistan’s army.