Germany sends hundreds of refugees back to Austria

Germany, everyday, has been sending hundreds of refugees back to Austria, as per Dublin Regulation including at least 260 refugee sent on Sunday, according to local media.

The Austria Press Agency told a spokesperson from German federal police headquarters in Munich as saying: A main reason for the higher number of rejections of refugees is due to a more orderly approach at its border with Austria that has been implemented over the past few weeks.

A police spokesperson from state of Upper Austria also affirmed that since the start of the year 2016, almost 200 refugees have been sent to Austria daily, specifically as they had not aimed to apply for refugee in Germany however, wanted to go to Sweden or Denmark.

By the end of 2015, the number of people sent back to Austria daily were usually in double digits when German police mainly allowed those seeking to travel further through.

Austria in turn has also been consistent in rejecting the entry of refugees into its territory through Slovenia who don’t aim to seek refugees in Austria.

A police spokesperson in Carinthia also affirmed that almost 1,652 people wishing to get in through Slovenia have been rejected entry from the beginning of the year, noting the lack of documents or reliability in their claims as main reasons for denies.