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Genocide Continues & Hazara Community Takes it to Streets

By Maryam Iraj

Religion is a tool with which we can wield power on the less powerful and manipulate those who are vulnerable. Hazara is one such community which continues to suffer from our criminal neglect and violence. Pakistan came into existence with a promise to protect the rights of every individual irrespective of cast, creed, and ethnicity.

We mourn the atrocities of India in occupied Kashmir, the little coffins of APS students, yet the heaviest ones, still don’t let us sleep. But we conveniently forget the pain and torture of our brothers and sisters of Hazara community. What an anomaly!

This videos shows you the pain of Hazara people who continue to protest for their seminal right to live”

Let us accept the fact that we are selective in our response to the violence being committed around us.  But let me remind you in the words of Martin Luther King, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. It has been more than a decade now that Baluchistan’s Hazara community is suffering from target killing and incident of violence. Approximately thousands of Hazara people have been dead in target-killings disproportionately owing to their distinctive physical features, they are easy to target,and its one out of the many reasons.

Despite the heavy deployment of Frontier Constabulary (FC) in and around Quetta and the presence of numerous check posts, the ill-fated Hazara community endures pain with no end in sight.  Chief Justice of Pakistan regretted the apathy of parliamentarians for not passing the legislation against the target killing of minority community, and aims to take suo motu if the Hazara people continue to struggle for their very fundamental human right to live. 

CJP further said, “his head hangs in shame due to targeted killings of the Hazara Shia community”.

He rebuked former Baloch govt officials, Dr. Baloch and Zahri, over the deplorable state of public affairs, at Quetta registry. CJP’s reaction to the sit-ins of Hazara minorty reinstated our faith in the judiciary of Pakistan

Sectarian killing is a menace which eats the very roots of a society either in the name of religion or ethnicity. It is so heart-wrenching that we have become immune to violence and loss of human life. Neither mainstream media (print or electronic) highlights it nor cover it, in most of the cases. But Baaghi is in a different league, we are the voice of those who are not heard.