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General Raheel Sharif ensures army’s struggles for fight against terrorism

RAWALPINDI: On Thursday, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif guaranteed the Sindh police of the Army’s maintenance in their struggles towards removing terrorism in the province.

The COAS called Inspector General Police (IGP) Sindh A.D. Khawaja to express his deep grief over the massacre of policemen in Karachi’s Orangi Town area a day before.

He requested Khawaja to send his pities to the relatives of the policemen murdered in the attack, a Sindh police statement said.

The army chief respected the detriments solidified by Sindh police throughout the contest against criminal rudiments in Karachi.

Seven police commandos protecting polio employees were shot down in alike outbreaks carried out by armed motorcyclists. A police forensic report established that the same arms had been used in the targeted massacre of at least 27 people in different areas of Orangi Town, Ittehad Town and Korangi in 2014 and 2015.

A Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) officer who scrutinised the crime scene supposed the twin attacks were approved by the similar group.

Though Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a separate group of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, sued accountability for lethal doses on the police, the info needs to be established, according to an officer of the Sindh police counter-terrorism department.

Earlier the Wednesday’s attack, official statistics display that seven polio workers and three policemen had been killed in 13 incidents in Sindh while Karachi was mainly the major affected target for such attacks.

Throughout his new visit to Karachi, the COAS called permanent peace in Karachi, the “ultimate aim” of the Rangers-led exercise, tallying that the action, hurled over two years ago, is not going to finish anytime soon.

Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif, earlier, also stated that persistent peace in the country’s business capital is the “ultimate aim” of the Rangers-led exercise. “Peace (in Karachi) is crucial because of its direct link with the country’s economic progress.” He said.

It was clearly stated by the Chief that the operation, hurled over two years ago, was not going to end anytime soon.

“All efforts must be directed with a focused approach to achieve this objective,” he was quoted as saying by a press release issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations.