General election 2018: PM tries to attract public of Sindh

HYDERABAD: While addressing to the public in Hyderabad Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef had criticized Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government upon neglecting the issues of Sindh.

PM announced the issuance of health cards, an international airport and university for the natives of Hyderabad.

“We will soon lay foundation stone of a university in Hyderabad that will be built at a cost of Rs 1 billion,” announced by PM during the address.PM has also announced a Rs. 500 million special grant for Sindh. He also announced many fortify projects.

“It is the government’s responsibility to look after the underprivileged people of the province and therefore, we are announcing this health schemes as provided in Thatta,” PM stated.

PM also said that there would be a survey for issuing the health cards in the city.

Nawaz Shareef has also said: “The foundation stone of a university will soon be laid in Hyderabad and for this purpose, Rs1 billion are being allocated. An international level airport will also be built in the city.”

Prime Minister also announced that natives of Hyderabad would also enjoy the metro bus service similar to those operated in Islamabad and Lahore.

While criticizing the PPP’s government, PM said that Hyderabad was never being different from Karachi where cleanliness situation is at worst. PM asked the Sindh government that “I saw piles of garbage along with different streets during my visit in Karachi. Why did the concerned authorities do not move to address this problem.”

PM Nawaz also asked that why PPP government had not gave master projects to public of Sindh, despite of being in the power for years. He criticized Sindh government for negligence of constructing motorway. He also said that people of Sindh must ask the government for their inaction towards plights of masses.

The Prime Minister then said that the elections of 2013 was a game changer for Pakistan, when PML-N assumed power by the public’s support. He added that the situation of Pakistan in 2018 is quite different from 2013.

“Tell me how many villages in Sindh require electricity, I will ensure supply of power to all those areas,” he promised.

The speech of Prime Minister in Hyderabad is at the time when General Elections 2018 are closer. Why Prime Minister during earlier years of his current regime did not launch such mega projects? Why PM was never being interested in the problems of Sindh earlier? Is it the preparation of 2018 elections?