Gas crisis averted, 2 LNG vessels arrive in Karachi port

KARACHI, January 19 (Online): Two ships laden with LNG have anchored in Karachi port averting the gas crisis in the country.

According to Sui Northern Gas Company Limited (SNGPL) two ships carrying LNG have taken berth in Karachi port. The supply of 250 MMCFDLNG has been started. LNG is being supplied to domestic consumers on priority basis. The situation will further improve within one or two days.

Federal minister for maritime affairs Ali Zaidi has said in his tweet “ we have succeeded in arranging arrival of two vessels laden with LNG at a time in the first time of the history of country. Port Qasim Authority will start the movement of vess4els in the port at night within a few weeks. The problem of rush and delay in the work on port will stand resolved.