France and India ask Pakistan to incriminate terrorists

NEW DEHLI: France also joined on Monday, India and called on Pakistan to bring proper investigation in to the attack of Pathankot airbase as well as in Mumbai terrorist attack of November 2008 as the Indian president stated that dialogue can solve disagreements ‘but not under the shower of bullets’.

The demand occurred as the French President Francois Hollande met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the country’s capital New Delhi on Monday. Hollande arrived India to attend the 67th Republic Day ceremony on January 26.

The joint statement on terrorism read: Condemning the recent terror attacks in Pathankot and Gurdaspur in India, the two countries reiterated their call for Pakistan to bring to justice their perpetrators and the perpetrators of the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which also caused the demise of two French citizens, and to ensure that such attacks do not recur in the future.

In the presence of media, PM India Narendra Modi said “Global community needs to act decisively against those who provide safe havens to terrorists, who nurture them through finances, training and infrastructure support.”

The joint statement added: Prime Minister Modi and President Hollande underlined the need for all countries to effectively deal with terrorism emanating from their territory or territories under their control. They called for actions to be taken, consistent with international law, against all entities, including States, that sponsor, provide support, active or passive, to terrorist groups or harbour them.

Hollande said, “Odious provocations only serve to further increase the resolve that they had as the two countries agreed to step up cooperation on counter-terrorism.”

France was moved by a number of terrorist attacks in 2015 which were initiated with an attack on magazine Charlie Hebdo that left at least 12 people dead and was also followed by the attack on a supermarket that killed almost five people. Consequently, in November last year, Paris was badly moved by a series of  gun and bomb attacks which left about 130 people dead. The attack left the region in fear and an outrage was also surfaced internationally condemning the attacks. Desh claimed the responsibility of the deadly attack.

The attack in Indian Punjab’s Pathankot airbase also left at least five dead.

This is war beyond any doctrine, a cancer which must be operated out with a firm scalpel. There is no good or bad terrorism; it is pure evil.

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee also spoke over terrorism to the people attending the event of India’s republic day.