Four Women Playing Board Game in Kaaba

By Anahita Zurvan

A picture of four fully-clad females sitting cross-legged in the Haram to play the board-game went viral recently on internet,  triggering a wide array of comments.

According to the Saudi Okaz Daily, “The women were spotted at around 11pm on Friday playing the board game Sequence at the western square near King Abdul Aziz Gate,”

Haram’s operation room was notified immediately and the female section at the General Presidency was directed to deal with this highly unusual situation. Administrators got hold of the four women and requested them to honour the holiness of the mosque and stop their game. Gaming females left the Haran in compliance.

Muslims across the world condemned this act, and expressed that playing Board or Card games in a Mosque is a sign of disregard and insolence towards Haram, given the fact that Masjid Al Haram is a center of Muslim’s religious devotion across the world.