Foreign Office confirms the participation in peace conference over Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: Foreign office had confirmed that Pakistan will participate in the peace conference on Afghanistan in Moscow.
During the weekly press briefing, Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakria clarified that the role of Pakistan and the extent of participation had not been finalized. It was still not cleared that whether Afghan Taliban will participate in the conference or not.
Spokesman also said that Pakistan had opened the Durand Line, Pak-Afghhan border, after 32 days as a motion of goodwill; however it also stressed Afghanistan to cooperate with border management issues.
He also added that Pakistan would always cooperate and continue its efforts to maintain peace in its neighbors. The human rights report by US State Department was also rejected saying that it had ignored the criminal activities of India in Kashmir.
Durand line was being sealed by Pakistan for an indefinite period due to the wave of terrorism which had killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Pakistani authorities had voiced concerns over terrorist hideouts in Afghanistan. The terrorist attacks during the month were believed to be coordinated from Afghanistan.
On Tuesday after thirty-two days, the Pak-Afghan border was opened at the Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif, and thousands of the restrained vehicles and individuals had crossed the border. Meanwhile, United States had refused to participate in the peace conference on Afghanistan, saying that US was not consulted before the invitation and also US and doesn’t know about the aims of Russia for this gathering.
Invitees of Moscow Conference include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India and several Central Asian nations.