Foreign minister of Saudi Arabia visits Pakistan

Islamabad: The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir arrived on Thuesday, in Pakistan in order to meet leaders of Pakistan

As it is well known that the conflict between Sunni-majority Kingdom and Shi’ite-majority Iran is rising high with the time and so the tension between the two nations is also high. In order to discuss the situation and make any way out if this clash, Saudi foreign minister arrived Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia’s step of undergoing execution of a significant Shi’ite cleric later in the last week, has ignited a tension across the Middle East.

Many of the Sunni allies od Saudi Arabia have broken diplomatic relations with Iran after ransacking the Saudi embassy in Tehran by demonstrators.

Pakistan of corse has a large Shi’ite communitt as well and so decided to avoid siding as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif struggled to shut the sectarian violence and increase economical relations with both rival-countries.

Saudi Foreign Minister arrived Pakistan to meet Nawaz Sharif, foreign affairs adviser to Prime Minister, Sartaj Aziz and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry repoeted that a joint media conference with Al-Jubeir that was scheduled for Thursday had been canceled due to the delay in his arrival for the two-day visit.

Prime Minister’s foreign affairs adviser, Sartaj Aziz stated that “Pakistan is a friend of both Saudi Arabia as well as Iran and would try to solve the conflicts between them during Saudi foreign minister’s minister.

Sartaj Aziz said, “Pakistan has called for resolution of differences through peaceful means in the larger interest of Muslim unity in these challenging times.”

The visit surfaced after last month when Pakistan distanced itself from an “anti-Islamic State coalition” declares by Saudi Arabia and that also named Pakistan as a member.

Pakistan also rejected a Saudi request to collaborate in a Riyadh-led intervention, supported by most Sunni Gulf Arab state, in Yemen the previous year in order to fight Iranian-allied rebels.

An Islamabad-based commentator, Musharraf Zaidi said, “Pakistan can’t afford to provide what Saudi Arabia is looking for and it has the most of any Muslim nation to lose from a broader sectarian breakdown between Sunnis and Shias..”

“The real trick is to find a way to send him (Al-Jubeir) back happy without giving him anything that would upset his Iranian counterpart.”

Pakistan wishes just to strengthen the trade links with both countries, Iran as well as Saudi Arabia and enhance the access to the vast energy resources they have, in order to aid its power-hungry economy.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia remained close alliance since years and Nawaz Sharif indact spent his time in Saudi Arabia during his political exile.