Foreign Lobbyists Have Been Hired by Sharifs to Strike an NRO Deal

Is it anytime soon?

According to a source, foreign lobbyists are aggressively in action to secure a National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) for the convicted Nawaz Sharif, who is serving his 11-year-term in Adiyala jail of rigorous imprisonment under the Avenfield Reference Case of assets beyond means.

Pakistani High Commissioner in Canada, Ottawa, Tariq Azam Khan, is allegedly planting articles and stories in favour of the convicted Nawaz Sharif while Pakistani Ambassador in Washington is lobbying with Congressmen for a potential NRO.

Few privately paid anchors aka lifafa journalists like Talat Hussain and others are doing their job here by promoting that it is in Pakistan’s best interest to strike an NRO deal since its economy is suffering and this seems to be the only way to revive it.

Roberti Global is the lobbying firm busy in the perception management of both international and national media for the past 7 months for the convicted Sharifs. This is not the first time, Sharifs used a lobbying firm to influence the national and international perception earlier as well. Roberti Global was hired earlier to defame the Pakistani Army.

Sharifs had also indirectly published the “Rogue Army” advertisements in American newspapers in 1999.

The convicted Sharif is using all his international resources, power and political contacts to settle his score with people in power corridors to strike an NRO.

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