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Following the ISIS attack, a number of refugees flee towards Turkish border

The refugees’ threatened life has once again left them helpless after the surprise ISIS attack as a consequence of which, huge number of refugees are rushing toward Turkish border.

After the Islamic State (ISIS) unveiled fire on the communities that had provided them shelter, thousands of refugees have taken their way towards Turkish border as the attack left at least three people dead.

The units which are related to the Free Syria Army claimed that they never aimed to freeze the village and was in in fact aiming to spread to the town of Minbij which lies between two largest hubs of ISIS in the area; al-Bab and Raqqa.

The leader of an opposition unit, the forces of whom had earlier seized the adjoining village al-Rai this week said, “We knew they would fight for Dabiq like crazy, so why bother attacking them there.”

It was never strategic for us. The east of their so-called caliphate is the target that matters, he said after being attacked by the ISIS.

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