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Florida Student Fights for Equality

For Nate Quinn, the 17-year-old transgender male, using bathroom at the school became a clash.

Last year, the Florida high school student was barred from using boys’ restroom, where that he felt that he belonged, launching his school into bathroom wars between social conservatives, & the gay rights activists

His presence in girls’ bathroom even prompted screams.

“It was very uncomfortable for me and all of the 2nd grade girls in there,” said Quinn at his Sarasota home, that was decorated with the childhood photos of a girl who was struggling with gender identity. “I did not need that happening every time I’d go to bathroom.”

Bullied to point he thought about suicide, Nate Quinn initiated to start up the protests early this year & he won the right to use male restroom in Jan.

Quinn is currently lobbying for policy that’d give the transgender students in Sarasota County, that is on Florida’s Gulf Coast the entree to bathrooms that they identify with, firing the debate that has been playing out nationally a year after the US Supreme Court endorsed the same-sex marriage.

Mississippi & North Carolina had recently adopted the laws that are seen as discriminatory to gay, lesbian, bisexual & LGBT interests. The Legislation focused on the transgender bathroom access, along with rights of those with the religious objections, has drawn the protests in numerous other states.

To Quinn, who is now a high school senior, the issue moves forward the 1960s’ fight to end the racial segregation that included the separate bathrooms for blacks. The supporters had joined him earlier this month waving signs and demanding the LGBT student rights outside the school board offices.

Inside, around a dozen residents told the elected officials that they feared that the more flexible polices would allow the male rapists to cover-up as the females & would force boys to expose their genitals to girls using bathroom with them.

Quinn’s Florida school district has been inspecting the Virginia lawsuit that now returns to lower court, as the officials there reflect bathroom requests by the LGBT students on case-by-case basis.

“We do not want to blaze a trail & open ourselves up for possible lawsuit,” said Shirley Brown, the Sarasota County School Board Chairwoman at public workshop in Feb. “But then, of course, by leaving the things at status quo, we might open up ourselves to different lawsuit.”