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Flight with all female staff??Yes, Indian airline claims record a flight with all female crew to San Francisco

India’s national airline claimed Monday to have set a new record with the first round-the-world flight staffed entirely by women.

This flight Boeing 777 travelled from Dehli to San Francisco and back again with an all-female crew last week, the first time such a flight has circumnavigated the globe.

Spokesman G P Rao told AFP that “Everyone involved in the flight operation — from pilots to check-in staff to cabin crew — were from our female staff.”

Airline has also faced criticism for having all female crew. The airline is of the view it had applied to Guinness World Records to validate the claim.

According to Mr Rao even the air traffic controllers at the Delhi end of the flight, which returned on March 3, were women and the airline will operate more all-female flights this week to celebrate International Women’s Day on Wednesday, Rao said.

In recent time Air India has taken several initiatives to improve its record on gender equality.

The airlines also announced in January to designate female-only seats on its domestic flights after a spate of sexual harassment complaints by passengers.