#FixIt – Alamgir Khan Special Interview on Baaghi TV with Naeem Dareth

Alamgir Khan, whose Fix it campaign has taken young Karachiites by storm, has taken it upon himself to “fix” the appearance of city roads because the provincial government has failed to do so.

Over 100 citizens and civil society activists joined Alamgir, who has been anointed a local hero by many on social media, to seal gaps on the bustling University Road.

It was then that Alamgir decided to take his campaign to the next level. His team arranged manhole covers at a cost of a meagre Rs13,000 and the group sealed gaps on University Road on Friday afternoon.

“At a cost of just Rs13,000 and in only six hours, we managed to seal 42 manholes on University Road,” he said.

The participants then painted the word “fixed” next to the gaps they had sealed.

Alamgir, who believes “nothing in the world is done without reward or retribution”, says the chief minister ought to penalise the black sheep in his government who are failing to do their jobs.

With the #FixIt app, residents of Karachi can upload photos of their neighbourhoods where they see the government missing in action. From piles of garbage to open manholes, snap a photo of areas that need the government’s attention and join the movement to wake up the authorities.

The idea was brought forth by Alamgir Khan, the man behind the campaign to stencil the chief minister’s face next to potholes, broken roads and garbage piles. Khan and his friends have developed a mobile phone application to spread their campaign to all parts of the city and help get civic issues resolved. “The application will help us collect complaints from all over the city,”. “The app will have its official launch very soon,” he added. The app is already available for download on Google Playstore.