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Five people killed in Balochistan due to lightning

Quetta: A lightning struck a few houses in Balochsitan, instantly killing three children and two other people. The area was subjected to heavy rain and thunderstorms that also destroyed many village homes.

The house was located in the Wam Tangi area of Harnai district, Balochistan. The rooms caught fire as soon as the light struck the house.

An official statement from the Levies was released which stated,

“Three minor girls, aged between three and five, were killed due to lightning strike on the house. There were two boys and a girl who were injured in the incident.The rooms of the house caught fire with most people managing to evacuate in time”

The children who were injured were rushed to a nearby hospital by the police and Levies officials.

A similar incident happened in Bukki tehsil of Loralai district where two people were killed due the the thunderstorm lightning. Another person was injured and taken to the hospital for treatments.