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Seven US Navy crew missing of the USS Fitzgerald

The US Navy claims that seven of their crew members are missing after the USS Fitzgerald collided with the ACX Crystal, a Philippine merchant ship. The incident happened at the coast of Japan.

The Japanese coastguard said the merchant ship had 20 crew members who are all safe after the accident.

Three crew members of the Fitzgerald were airlifted to the nearest US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka. The destroyer’s commanding officer was also among the injured but now is reported to be in stable condition.

The US Navy made a statement saying that the injured are being treated and the patients are in stable condition.

The cause of the collision yet remains unknown but it has been reported that investigations are underway.

The US navy’s spokesman said, “Once an investigation is complete then any legal issues can be addressed.”

Search for the seven missing crew members is on the way but many hours have passed and there is a rising concern.

The destroyer suffered damage on its Starboard side and below the main waterline. However, the full damage assessment report is yet to come.