First Sikh ranger on duty at Wagah border

A Sikh of Pakistan received a huge applause from the nation when he was spotted at Wagah border, Lahore, lowering the flag of Pakistan, a custom that is repeated every evening.

This is the first time that any Sikh has participated in the traditional Beating the Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border on Thursday evening. He received an amazing appreciation from both sides of border especially when he shook hands with the Indian ranger, he atmosphere was filled with claps and hooting.

Named Amarjeet Singh is the resident of the sacred place of Sikhs, Nankana Sahib, Pakistan.  It is said that he is the first Sikh to join Pakistan Army.

As per reported by media, he joined Pakistan army in year 2005 and completed his training this year and so then included in the defence forces on Wagah border.

He really feels proud to be a part of Pakistan Army and fulfills his duty enthusiastically.

Living in India, Sikh did not get the rights as they wanted to have, therefore, a Sikh resident of Kashmir named Ranjeet Singh Neeta launched a move named “Khalistan Zindabad Force” in 1988. The main motive of the movement is the creation of a Sikh independent state of Khalistan in Punjab.

Khalistan Zindabad Force is currently not on scene however, it is reported that different tries and approaches were made to Khalistan Zindabad Force and some other groups from Kashmir also backed that. European Union (EU) declared Khalistan Zindabad as terrorist organisation in December 2005 seizing its monetary assets across its 25 member countries. However, the organisation was reported as active in 2008.

Many claims as well as denials were surfaced in the name of organisation after an attack at Gurdawara Nanaksar in Vienna, Austria in May 2009 which left a leader of Dera Sach Khand, Rama Nand dead and 17 others injured.

Sikh had been seen protesting for their rights for years and the Sikhs of Pakistan are living a proper life and this Sikh ranger is the biggest example of this.