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Firing incident kills at least three in Lahore

Lahore: Unidentified person shot dead three individuals on Saturday near Ravi Road Lahore.

Today near Azadi Chowk, Lahore, an unknown person killed three and left one injured after which he successfully fled away from the spot. The deceased include two brother Ayub and Shakor who were traveling for the hearing of the court. The third was passerby.

Injured have been taken to Mayo Hospital for medical assistance.

This is not the first shot dead incident in the provincial capital. Earlier, this week on Tuesday Three police officers got sever injuries in drive-by shooting incident among which two have been died while other is still suffering sever condition.

Another incident was reported on Sunday night near Lakhodair area of Manawan where an active member of Pakistan Peoples Party Babar Sohail Butt was shot gunned down.

The newly emerged layer of shooting incidents raises questions over the performance of police and other law enforcement agencies.