Financial Corruption in Government Institutions

When government officials abuse their power

Over the years, we have seen various governments but unluckily no one ever tried to reform the systems that we are part of. All of them cared about the infrastructure, education, electricity, water and other areas. The basics of any country rely upon their security system and protection for people but when their own officers will be blackmailing and threatening people for the sake of money than the state will suffer a lot in future and it is still suffering.

In Pakistan, the institutions like Federal Investigation Agency, National Accountability Bureau, Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Karachi Development Authority( KDA), Multan Development Authority ( MDA) and hence all the institutions which are built for the city’s development are doing bribery and corruption which is not so close to the development.

There is a need to transfigure the hierarchy and the system. The government of PMLN has made some efforts in order to help people, where you can register the complain of any officer, but what actually happens after the complaint. People don’t even recognize your complaint and it’s always never considered. The dishonest officers continue to work in the place and destroy the reputation and dignity.

It is always a challenge for a person to get his work done until or unless you don’t pay them money, which is not legal. They disturb you and sometimes even threaten you to do as they say. The question is that what is the merit of those officers and what is the authority given to them to do such acts. The law and order is disturbed when they do the things after getting money even if the act is against government rules and regulations. Stanley Milgram has very well stated that;

“Obedience is the psychological mechanism that links individual action to political purpose. It is the dispositional cement that binds men to systems of authority.”

We need better people to address a change in our systems. Beside other development programs, the systems should be a priority as well. A government should invest to rebuild the derailed systems. This will in return benefit our economy and security system. It is our foremost need to throw these rotten eggs away. There is not a single case but so many cases of corrupt officials. The bribery is very common and it is considered very normal.

All the elite class and other business owners feel free to pay them money but they forget that the other people may not be able to quench their thirst. And they will be left in a big trouble. Many officers reduce the taxes from big businesses and this is totally illegal. Many just need money to connect an electricity meter and many need money to save a person from punishment and the list goes on. Even if you want to have your ID card, sometimes you would have to pay money so that your work is done quickly. The following video shows a corruption case of Lahore Development Authority regarding sports complex;

People who provide them money or other necessities are wrong as well, who don’t pay attention to the future. They are the culprit as well. The government must punish them as well. Even some lawyers ask for extra money in order to get things done. A lawyer is a person suppose to be getting justice for people but if he is not loyal than what else can happen more worse.

The most unsatisfactory thing is that the bribery is so deeply rooted into the souls of our systems that it will take maybe 50 years to reshape them, but the efforts should not be stopped and there must be strict punishments for the dishonest people.