FIFA: Jerome Valcke no more a secretary general

LONDON (AP) — Jerome Valcke has been fired from FIFA a second time as a secretary general on Wednesday. Valcke was suspended four months ago for a scandal and his case was under investigation.

FIFA has announced today the dismissal news of Jerome Valcke.

After being fired from job over a sponsorship dispute, he was re hired in 2007 and was sent to the top administration of FIFA.

Recently he was looking after the FIFA organization for the World Cup and Valck’s entry in FIFA after no more than a month after Blatter has caused downfall to two men who have been traveling around the globe on private jets.

FIFA banned Frenchman in September when he was forced to be on leave after a few time of the FIFA ticketing scam.
FIFA prosecution department recommended for Valcke a nine year ban for being charged of accepting gifts, conflicts of interest, breaches of confidentiality and loyalty.

Valcke is not coming back to the governing body and the hearing of his case is expected by the FIFA ethics judges in a few weeks.

In an official statement, the FIFA said that “FIFA and Jerome Valcke’s relationship has been terminated”. The acting secretary general markus Kattner will continue to work while refusing that he will not discuss his role of finance director publically.

The conduct and business ethics of Valcke hve been severely criticized by the same federal judge in New York hearing the case.